The only one strong enough to walk in your shoes is you.

I Once thought every mask I wore had been an act in someone elses play, I would have once given anything to forget all those fictions, to play those games as though they actually had meaning again, so simple…play the father, employee, partner.. but now I know there is no time but this time- the gap I fill so perfectly in the universe will fit only me and no other template set before me will ever fit so absence will leave an irrevocable space. Division and loss will certainly bring me to my knees again but I know these too are acts on the same stage- maybe I’ll cry again or crawl if i must, but time carrys me on a tide I alone command. those brought low know their capacity to contain fear, sorrow and pain only ever grows if they let it, no else will ever be strong enough to walk in your shoes, playing their games might be fun again, i see the child in every one now if only they remembered they too were playing the same games.

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